is in line with t

ons. The reforms are a ▓first for the country and part of efforts to make state-owned enterprises more competitive. For y▓ears, CEOs and managers in state-owned enterprises have been appoin▓ted by the

he government plan

government. As well as their job titles, they are also given an administra▓tive rank as civil servants. This rank sets them apart from managers of pr

. Moreover, th

ivate compa▓nies. They enjoy the same benefits, promotions, medical care and retirement packages as civil servants of t

e enterprise or

he same rank. They are also part of a reserve pool of future government officials.Op▓erational reforms have injected vitality into state-owne

  • of more than five years w

    d enterprises in recent years. But old-styl▓e human resource management methods, particularly for choosing managers, have become a▓n obstacle to growth. Yang Guoxiong, Shanghhai Government

  • ith the graduate. €Photo tak

    Official, said, "If the government's arm stretches too far in managing enterprises' leadership, enterprises will be less market-oriented and managers will focus not on runni

  • en on April 11, 2007 shows

    ng the business, but on pla▓nning their political careers."China will launch a long-awaited growth enterprise board on May 1st. It will serve as a new direct financing platform for inno

Zeyang Somco(L)

vative companies. China'

s securities regulator released new guidelines on Tuesday. ▓The regulations state that companies

seeking a listing on the new Nasdaq-like second board▓ should have net assets of at least 20 million yuan. They also note that companies ap

plying for 

a listing be open for business for more than three ye

neering college of T

ars. The China Securities Regulatory Commission also requires that the issuer has remained profitable in the two most recent con

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